Window Design 

Trotters - AW23 Back to School

The window design for the back-to-school season incorporated bright and bold colours, making the product stand out and draw people in.

The hanging foamex board further added to the design's eye-catching appeal. By featuring plinths that elevate the footwear, we created an attractive display that highlighted the shoes' individuality. This strikes the perfect balance between being fun and playful, while also being practical and effective. 

Trotters - AW21 Collection  

The proposal for the window design was to showcase Trotters' new season lines in a premium and minimalistic way. The goal was to create a display that catches people's attention and showcases the brand's latest girlswear and newborn products in an elegant and inviting manner.

The design features a clean aesthetic, with neutral tones and soft lighting that highlights the products without overwhelming the customer. For the girlswear section, we used a combination of mannequins and flat displays to showcase a variety of outfits. We also used a mix of bold and subtle colours to create an attractive display that stands out against the neutral background. For the newborn section, we opted for a display that highlights the softness and delicacy of the products.

The floral white fret-cut vinyl is a simple yet effective way to add a playful and unique touch.

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