The main goal of this project was to create a brand identity for one of Trotters' sub-brands that features fun floral prints. The brand identity should be bright and fun.

The logo features a bee in a playful and modern style that reflects the brand's personality. Moreover, it can be adapted into an animated icon for email and web marketing. The colour palette consists of bright and bold colours that complement the floral prints. The typography is unembellished, legible, and suitable for both print and digital media.

The Original Pyjama Company

This project consisted in creating an identity for The Original Pyjama Company, one of Trotters' sub-brands. Focused on traditional bedtime clothing, the brand offers classic and playful sets, perfect for snuggling on the sofa and having the sweetest of dreams. To achieve this, I incorporated patterns and designs that reflect a nighttime theme. The moon and cloud motifs add a cuteness to the brand, while the dark colours create a cosy and warm feeling. 

Hampton Canvas  

Hampton Canvas Shoes Collection is known for its wide range of colours. The aim was to bring this characteristic into the branding, thus creating a design that is visually appealing and eye-catching, while also being able to convey the qualities that make Hampton Canvas shoes unique.

The design is centred around earthy colours and natural elements, such as leaves and flowers.

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